George Wedell, DSS, DS

Tooth Jam

If you’ve been keeping up with this blog, you’ll remember that I have been in the home stretch of my Invisalign treatments for a while. Since December, by my reckoning.

That is not Dr. Wedell’s fault, so much as my teeth. Rather like me, they are unusual, have their own personality, and are doing things backwards. Here’s what I mean…

You’ll remember from this post that Dr. Wedell put a bracket on one of my front teeth, cut a slot on the front and a couple of grooves into the back of my lower aligner, allowing a rubber band to slip through the aligner and around the bracket. This was to pull my tooth up higher—it was sitting noticeably lower in my gums than my other front teeth.

This has been working, but slowly! Then, this past week, it just seemed to stop altogether.

Dr. Wedell got in there to look around and discovered this tooth in particular is an irregular shape. Most front teeth are widest at the edge and then taper off as they move towards the gum. This one widens out instead—which is why it keeps getting stuck as Dr. Wedell tries to raise it!

What’s an orthodontist to do then? Well, in this case Dr. Wedell got out some special files just for teeth…and he used what I’m pretty sure was a power chisel.

This has resulted in one of the worst headaches I’ve had during my Invisalign treatment, but my stubborn tooth is definitely moving again.

Dr. Wedell said I’ll need to decide at my next appointment if I’ve had enough of trying to get this tooth to move—which I kinda took to mean “we should probably quit while we’re ahead.”

Stay tuned!

Disclaimer: Lisa Traylor is a freelance blogger and designer who is receiving a free Invisalign treatment in exchange for these posts. She’s completed her 13 aligners, all 3 sets of refinement aligners and just got her retainers! (More on that soon.) Read more on how she’s doing with her treatment, follow her @lisawtraylor or on LinkedIn.