George Wedell, DSS, DS

Why We Use Social Media

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And we’ll be encouraging you to like us, follow us and engage with us where ever you’re most comfortable online. We’ve identified 3 benefits to our patients of connecting with us via social media:

Patient Benefit #1: Useful, Interesting Content

Our promise? No pointless advertising or self-promotion. We’re not using social media to “sell” you something–after all, you’re already our patient! Our content provides information and advice about your oral health, comfort, and appearance–information you’ll enjoy and use. We believe that satisfied patients are informed, connected patients.  So, some of what we post is just for fun. Sometimes it’s nice to see content that reminds us all about how important our oral health is to a balanced, healthy life. And seeing practical, easy action items helps you apply the information.

Patient Benefit #2: Better Service

We’re listening. We make it simple for you to reach out to us when and how you’d like. Hearing from you helps us serve you better. Your participation makes us a better practice. Comments on our blog, Likes, shares and comments on our Facebook page, etc., help us know what we’re doing well and what we can work on to do better. We appreciate your feedback and we take it very seriously.

Patient Benefit #3: Relationships Mean Something

Our practice is relationship based. We do business one-to-one. That’s one of the reasons why social media is such a good fit for us. It’s one-to-one also. It’s not traditional, mass audience communication—and, it’s very effective. Sometimes we only see you every six months. Social media helps bridge the gaps. We cherish the personal relationships our team members have with each of you and we enjoy connecting more often. Occasionally we also have a special offer or event invitation that we like to only make available to our patients. Social media helps us do that. You may have heard us say, “We treat people, not teeth.” We mean it. Thanks for being our valued patients and friends.

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