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Propel Testimonials


AndreaI had explored other orthodontic treatments that would have been a process of over 2 years….having them on for less than a year versus having them for 2 years was really important to me.

I would highly recommend Propel to other people. It changed my life.



KateHaving the Propel done was very easy.

It was painless, I didn’t feel it while it was going on [my gums] were completely numb. It was just super easy and super quick.

I would recommend Propel to anyone who’s looking for a perfect smile in the quickest amount of time.



Julie The reason I went through Adult Orthodontics was because of Propel. When I was a teenager, I was in braces for 2 years, and as an adult I did not want to go for 2 years again.

I’m really happy that I did it and really happy with the results.




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