George Wedell, DSS, DS

What To Expect

Sure, you want the confidence that comes from a great smile, but you also like to know what you’re getting yourself into. Let’s walk through a typical consultation appointment so you’ll know what going to happen even before you walk through our doors.

If you’d like to save time at our office, fill out our patient forms and grab your dental records before setting out. If you’re under 18, you’ll need to remember to bring a parent!

You’ll find our location at 3910 85th Street in Kenosha on the northwest corner of 39th Avenue and 85th Street. Most people find us by heading south on 39th and then turn West on 85th to reach our parking lot. (Need a map? We have one here.)


Nora and Claudia are ready to assist you!

You’ll enter our office through the door on the West side of the building. Don’t worry, it’s obvious. You’ll find Nora there waiting to help you complete your forms and otherwise help you with any questions while you wait. Claudia will call you back for your examination. She will take a panoramic x-ray and photographs of your teeth, that you will get to see at this initial appointment. Don’t worry, we need these to make a good treatment plan for you–so you pay no fees for these records.

At this point, Dr. Wedell will sit down with you and talk about your treatment path and options, including what type of braces or aligners would be best for you, and how long you could expect to be wearing your orthodontics.

Nora will then spend a few minutes with you talking with you, answering all your questions, explaining our fees and reviewing your options for payment, including how your family can save money using our Family and Friends Referral Program. She’ll also ask you to schedule your next appointment.

Simple! Ready to start?

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