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Aligners OFF! Before & After Photos

I’m loving my new smile! It’s amazing how quickly I’ve gotten used to now having my aligners to wear. I still have moments of panic, when I think “Oh no! I forgot to put my aligners in after lunch!” But I’m having just as many “Oops! I forgot to put my retainers in for bed!” moments.

Nora sent me a PDF slideshow of my before & after photos, so I thought I’d share them with you.

The BEFORES are on the LEFT, the AFTERS are on the RIGHT.

Here’s my smile as most of you would see it:

Hard to tell from the darkness of the photo, but I think my smile looks a little more even now.

Get ready for a closeup of the front:

You can tell the bottom teeth are much more even on the right–it’s a little hard to tell that the top teeth are as well. Unfortunately, the tooth whitening that happened during my treatment didn’t touch my left front tooth and the fact that my two front teeth don’t match is a little more obvious now.

It’s hard to see a difference on the side shots, though if you look carefull you can see my upper & lower teeth lining up better together.

This one’s the money shot–my lower front teeth:

It’s pretty clear in the lefthand picture how much crowding happened, and how much shuffling around those teeth were doing! Now everything is neatly aligned.

It’s a similar story on the top–I had two teeth moving towards the center of my mouth, and my right front tooth rotating in its socket a bit. That is all fixed up now.

I am LOVING my results!

Where are you in your Invisalign treatment?

Disclaimer: Lisa Traylor is a freelance blogger and designer who is receiving a free Invisalign treatment in exchange for these posts. She’s completed her 13 aligners, all 3 sets of refinement aligners and just got her retainers! Read more on how she’s doing with her treatment, follow her @lisawtraylor or on LinkedIn.