George Wedell, DSS, DS

Aligners are OFF! Diary of the first few days


I’m DONE! The saga of the tooth elevator is over, my stubborn front tooth is finally sitting properly in its aligner, and Dr. Wedell says, “Great, you’re done!”

It’s a little anti-climactic, to tell you the truth.

My appointment is a little longer than normal because Dr. Wedell has to take off my attachment points from my aligners, although he leaves the bracket from project tooth elevator. (I need to keep that for a few months to ensure that tooth doesn’t just sneak back down into my gums.) After that, Claudia takes new pictures and molds of my teeth for retainers, which she’ll have ready for me by the end of the day. I wear my retainers for 3 days straight, just like my aligners, to get my teeth used to them, then I only have to wear them at night.

As I’m going about my business this afternoon I keep panicking and thinking “I forgot my aligners!” then I realize I don’t need to wear them anymore.

The retainers fit fine, though I’m already a little resentful that I have to put something back in my mouth. They are thicker than my aligners, so they impact my speech a little more, but they aren’t uncomfortable at all.



I’m getting used to the retainers. The thickness is bothering me more than I thought…or maybe there was more flexibility in my aligners than I thought. The retainers seem a little more confining, or put a bit more pressure on my teeth, or something. A little uncomfortable at times, but nothing like putting in a new set of aligners and needing to get used to them.

I take my retainers out to eat lunch and forget to put them in until several hours later. Clearly my brain has already decided that I am done with active treatment!



My last day with something in my mouth all day!

I end up in a meeting where I’m sitting next to a client while we look at my computer to make adjustments to a website. I am VERY conscious of my speech and am spitting a lot. I’m really glad she’s not sitting across from me.



No aligners, no retainers! I am happy!

Putting my retainers in at night….whoa! My teeth are definitely unhappy to be in them! In that short amount of time, they have moved. There is a lot of pressure. Fortunately, it only takes about 5 minutes to dissipate.



It’s been a week since I got my aligners off! The massive pressure I felt Saturday when putting my retainers in at night is not as bad now, though there is still pressure.

I keep catching myself having what I call “Invisalign moments.” I’ll be sitting at work, and suddenly I’ll panic and think, “Oh no! I forgot to put my aligners in!” Then I realize, “I don’t have to put my aligners in!” Even my husband finds himself wanting to remind me that they’re sitting next to the sink rather than in my mouth.

It may have been anti-climactic to be finished with my active treatment, but I am sure enjoying the results.